“Digital Landscapes” 2019

Large scale acrylic paintings, portraying the iconic MacOS wallpaper images 1690mm*1060mm.

Digital Landscapes”  2019

Digital Landscapes” is a series of acrylic landscape paintings depicting the macOS background images. In today’s preposterous media landscape, where attention is for sale and taps the currency, synthetic realities are being designed to tribalize users and make them dependent of belonging. Still we are all living in the Apple dictatorship and staring out through the same window.

By transposing the background images and giving them a body, we wanted people to feel immersed by the symbols of Apple’s flagship universe.

Catalina” 2020 1690mm*1060mm
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El Capitan” 2019 1690mm*1060mm

Mojave” 2019 1690mm*1060mm 

Yosemite” 2019 1690mm*1060mm