The Bum” 2019

3D render of Kim Kardashian’s bum, made to be explored in true size. See the webpage here:
 Featured in It’s nice that and Vice among others. 

ive years after Paper Magazine broke the internet with an image of Kim Kardashian’s behind, the bum is once again put into the limelight. “The Bum” aims partly to satirically address the disproportionate media attention given to celebrities and partly to explore the modern symbols that are being created in an era where fame is measured in likes and engagement. By analyzing hundreds of images, statements, and public observations the proportions, size, and texture could be digitally manifested through a hyperrealistic 3D rendering. 

Techiniques used include 3D rendering, photomanipulation and web development.


As the scale of the bum is the same on different devices, you can see more or less of it as a user depending on what you use.