The Bum” 2019

The Bum” is an ongoing research project investigating media's fetishization of Kim Kardashian's behind.

3D render of Kim Kardashian’s bum, made to be explored in true size. See the webpage here:

Featured in It’s nice that and Vice among others.

6 years after PAPER Magazine made her bum the cover of their winter 2014 issue, googling “Kim Kardashian ass” gives you around 66 million results, which is more than the combined amount of results you get by googling “Obamacare” and “Cambridge Analytica”. It’s not unusual that news sites are designing headlines after what gains attention, however this is the first time in history they are able to measure that attention in real-time. Immediate clicks mean immediate revenue equals the more you show Kim Kardashians ass the more power you get.

In 2018 we started mapping the images we could find of her bum, and in 2019 the project was made public through a web site. The visitor is met by a true to scale photorealistic 3D rendered image of the bum, generated by the analyzation of the collected and mapped images. An open-source 3D model is also free to download through the website.



Wearable Bum2020

A silicon wearable that makes your behind look like Kim’s. Made in collaboration with Beate Karlsson.

Featured in: New York Post, DAZED, VogueL'OfficielDaily Mail, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, The Morning Show, E!, Wendy Williams Shows, SR and SVT among others

Notes – Algorithmic Darwinism?
At the end of 2019, we wanted to explore the underlying reasons why content featuring Kim Kardashian’s bum is so successful on the internet. We discovered something we’ve arrogantly have decided to name “Algorithmic Darwinism”. Our hypothesis is that content is reshaping and optimizing itself to get favored by algorithms. It’s a virtual survival of the fittest, where the strongest content gets accelerated and the weakest die. Given this notion, it’s not media that is fetishizing the bum, but it’s actually the algorithms. And we’re all just obeying.

In February 2020 we made an attempt of democratizing one of the strongest pieces of content existing today – by creating a silicon wearable of Kim’s bum.